“Bir” könüllü

Bir Konullu

Bir" student-volunteer program was established by the Ministry of Science and Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan in 2015 to systematize interactions with student-volunteers, stimulate volunteering activities, and ensure effective utilization of students' extracurricular leisure time. Since August 2, 2019, "Bir Volunteer" was registered as a Public Union of Students' Cooperation. 

"One" symbolically represents the initiator of numbers, and signifies friendship, unity and solidarity implicitly. The organization named after these values is the embodiment of friendship and solidarity within the framework of volunteering philosophy, principles and values of students of higher education institutions of Azerbaijan.

The Purpose of the Organization

The purpose of the organization is the teaching students the essence of volunteering, development of their individual and professional methods, promotion and encouragement of volunteering, implementation of events at the local, regional and global level and their active participation, creating favorable conditions for involvement of volunteers in government institutions, in useful projects implemented for the development of society more closely, design of various training programs, seminars, projects, summer schools, camps and conversation clubs to increase the knowledge and skills of young people, and taking actions in the direction of establishing and developing international cooperative relations in the field of volunteerism.


30 higher, 18 secondary, 10 profession-educational institutions

With more than 30,000 members, the organization has provided voluntary and organizational support to more than 850 local, regional and international events. In the 2021-2022 academic year, the "BirKönüllü" Organization has engaged about 250 student-volunteers in order to support the organization of events in the Karabakh region (Shusha, Aghdam) and the restoration of the region.